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Copenhagen Games 2015

Copenhagen Games have become kind of a tradition for Menace in recent years. We have usually attended with Counter-Strike and StarCraft 2 teams and this time we are sending the same set again. Our CS:GO team will try their luck (and skill!) in open qualifier tournament where 16 teams will move forward to the main tournament. The tournament has some great teams attending but TOP3 has chosen to skip the tournament. 42 teams fight for the place in the main tournament starting with two group stages. Luck was smiling for us this time, we got placed in a group with only one other team. So seeds for the second group stage are determined in a math between us and Norwegian team Lions. However the match ends we are through to group stage two.

In StarCraft 2 we are represented by Wenlei "ZhuGeLiang" Dai. He took part in a online qualifier for the tournament, where he got seed to second group stage of three part stage. He is placed in a group with Korean powerhouse Kim "SuperNova" Young Jin, two other players in the group will be determined in first group stage.

Both ZhuGeLiang's and CS:GO team's games start on thursday 2nd in the afternoon. We will update you on the excact match times when they become available in Twitter and Facebook.

Our CS:GO captain Miikka "Sunny" Kemppi answered few of our questions about CPH Games:

How has your practice gone recently?

Like O-K. There's always ups and downs regarding new tactics and changes of holding positions. Recently our biggest goal in pracc's has been to point out our own mistakes in x on x situations and mid-round rotations.
You are were bootcamping at SEUL Gaming house earlier this week. Do you think bootcamping has had clear effect on your LAN tournament performance before?

Yes I do, all the time you spent with the team in real life raises teamspirit and it's easier to focus in the game.  Also at bootcamp it's easier to refine and finish tactics which have exact timing in grenades for example.
You now have had more time to play with Jesse "zehN" Linjala, how has he fitted to the team?

He's doing pretty well and going right direction day by day. Ofcourse xartE's shoes are really big to fullfill, but personally I think zehN is doing great job.
You are attending CPH Games this weekend. The tournament has been popular with Finnish teams in the past, why do you think that is?

Pretty close, open for all, lot's of matches to play.
Only 16 out of the maximum 64 teams who attend the open qualifier will qualify for the main tournament. How do you like your changes of being one of them? 

We believe you can see us in the main tournament. Actually we have lot's of trust in our selfs. I'm waiting to see some aslak action as much as you ;)
What is your goal for the tournament?

To be fully satisfied to our game and feel good as a team even if we lose. Our main goal is to get out of groups in the main tournament. "dream" would be in top8.
The absolute TOP teams in CS:GO won't be attending CPH games this year, who do you think has the best changes to win the tournament?

Wait whaat? Virtus pro is in current top4 and I call them absolute Top team. So my bet is going to neo & co.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament will run from thursday to saturday and has a price pot of €26.000 and StarCraft 2 tournament from wednesday to friday with €10.000 up for graps.

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