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DreamHack Bucharest 2014

Copenhagen Games has just ended but there is no time to rest for our StarCraft 2 player Wenlei "ZhuGeLiang" Dai because this weekend it's time for DreamHack Bucharest. ZhuGeLiang played well in Denmark, even beating Team Liquid's Snute. His final placing was 9-12th after losing to Happy and Spacemarine in group stage two. We were satisfied with his result but the man himself was much more critical, you can read his thoughts on this interview we did with him after the tournament:

You beat Liquid's Snute at CPH, could you tell us about the match?

I think I was very lucky against snute because the games went how I wanted them to go. That being said my level was good during the games, but in ZvZ its easy to lose to lesser player. I feel if we played a lot more snute would win 80% of the games.

How did you like rest of your games at the tournament?

I lost to spacemarine because my ladder ranking is too low at the moment. I have not hit him on ladder at all to know his level. Pink was very nervous and Storm has been inactive.

Did you like the venue and tournament organizing at CPH?

The place was ok. The air was bad. The admins were really lovely and friendly. Overall due to having a lot of fun hanging with friends it was great experience.

Are you satisfied with your tournament placing?

I am not satisfied. Ro8 would have been satisfying, that being said this is my first international tournament and taking previous performances and ladder into consideration I exceeded expectations. Overall I know I can do better.

Do you think you can continue with good results at DreamHack Bucharest?

I doubt this, since my last week has been battle against flu. I think if I recover enough to exercise before the matches I will do well. My focus is playing good games under LAN conditions.

DH Bucharest has many good players attending, do you think you can get a new scalps from there?

I tend to do better when I have time think about the MU and player, so as long as the groups are released early I hope I can prepare well and surprise my opponent by playing solid. At this point with no knowledge all I can say is that we have wait and see :)

ZhuGeLiang will head to Bucharest, Romania tomorrow. Hope you feel better then and make us proud again!

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