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Copenhagen Games 2014

This years Copenhagen Games starts this weekend! Menace is represented by our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team and Wenlei "ZhuGeLiang" Dai from our StarCraft 2 squad. The CS:GO tournament has every major team in the scene attending and we have the most recent champion in our group. EMS One champ  Virtus.Pro is in our group so we are facing the toughest challenge possible in the very first group stage. Other teams are in our group are danish FIXNATION and norwegian so we have good change going through even if we lose to the champs.

This years StarCraft 2 tournament at CPH is mid level but still ZhuGeLiang has one of the best non Koreans in his group. Liquid Snute is really going to test ZhuGe's ZvZ skills this weekend. Other players in his group are swedish dsbloop and danish Storm. We asked ZhuGe few questions about the tournament:

What made you decide to attend CPH?

I am still lacking in LAN experience since the last time I attented an oversea tournament was back in DH summer 2012. Overall I want to be ready and have nothing such as LAN inexperience to bottlebeck my performance when my skill reaches top european level.

You have Norwegian zerg Snute and two relatively unknown players in your group. Are these players familiar to you and what do you think your changes are to advance from your group?

I know storm quite well as I have met in online tournaments many times even back in from Wings of Liberty. However I have no idea about bloops ladder skill level. I think I can advance comfortably if I perform well.

How is your practice regiment been before the tournament?

I have been falling a bit on ladder, but I feel it was due to a slight burnout. Now I am taking time to work on my phyisical shape and I already feel better. Mainly a lot of running and bit of biking, walking and swimming.

You are traveling with two of your countryman Serral and Elfi, how do you think their changes are to make good showing in this tournament?

I am happy to share a hotel room with serral. It will be good to have some conversion to take the edge of competition off. I am confident Finland will do well this tournament :)


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