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   Force e-SPORTS Energy Drink

Price:   32.9 €

Force e-SPORTS Energy Drink is designed by Team Menace and SportsNutrition for gamers who want to take care of their health and be on their sharpest as they are playing for fun or competitive at events. No more caffeine jitters or big crashdown´s after the caffeine wears out, just right amount of nutrients to keep you going and your focus on the sharpest form.

Drink is also designed for long-lasting gaming so only one drink has possibility to keep you going for long-period without needing to take another.

For first time supplement users we recommend to split the dosing to half for first 2-3 drinks so your body gets more used to the power of the drink. It´s not in anyway to harmful for your body so no worries if you want to start using the product straight away on its full potential.

One product contains 300 grams of powder, which translates to 15-30 litres of Energy Drink, depending on dosage.

One serving (10g) includes:
C vitamin (ascorbic acid) 250mg
E Vitamin (tocoferyl-acetat) 15 IU
Niacin (nikotinamid) 15mg
B6 Vitamin (Pyridoxine HCI) 10mg
B12 Vitamin (cyanocobalamin) 425mcg
Beta-alanine 1g
Citruline-malate 3g
L-Glutamine 1g
Taurine 2g
Caffeine 80mg
L-tyrosine 1g
Salt 0,3g
Magnesium-citrate 100mg
potassium-chloride 300mg

Notice! We are currently only shipping in Finland. We are shipping through finnish Postal service and all purchases include shipping fee of 4.90 €. If you order more than one product, they will be combined to single delivery without any extra cost. After you have placed your order, you will receive a bill to your e-mail. After your payment has reached us, your order will be sent in 24 hours.

Huom! Toimitamme tällä hetkellä ainoastaan Suomen sisällä. Kaikki tuotteet toimitetaan Postin kautta, josta laskutamme 4.90 € per tilaus. Jos tilaat useamman kuin yhden tuotteen, yhdistämme ne samaan toimitukseen ilman lisäkuluja. Tilauksen jälkeen saat sähköpostiisi laskun. Maksun näkyessä tilillämme, tilaus postitetaan 24 tunnin sisällä.

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