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Team Menace Halo in the HCS Pro League Open Qualifiers

5/17/2016 6:02:00 AM

The Halo Championship Pro League qualifiers are now on their way in Europe and there are four places up for grabs. The only two teams qualified from Europe so far are X-Men and Online Warriors both respectively hailing from United Kingdom. 


Team Menace partners with SportsNutrition

3/27/2016 6:45:14 AM

We are very pleased to announce our partnership with the Finnish supplement company SportsNutrition. With this partnership, we have a great opportunity to help our players and followers have a healthier lifestyle and with that bring better gamers through the eSports scene.


Team acquires new CS:GO team

3/23/2016 3:41:20 AM

 It has been almost a year since we last had CS:GO team so we are more than happy to announce that Team has acquired new CS:GO team called Just Deal With It!


Team starts their way to EGL Open London

3/4/2016 1:24:50 AM

This weekend Team COD team will be attending to EGL Open London to compete in EU´s first Challenger Division event.


New players to Halo team

2/29/2016 11:44:09 AM

Today Team has bought Ville ‘Mersu’ Riitakorpi and Emil ‘SystematiC’ Ekman contracts from our rival organization Skitlite for an undisclosed fee.

Statement from Teijo Sepponen (Team CEO)
“After our hard attempt to qualify for the Halo World Championships, Iso J and Procis decided to part with the team. This meant that our roster was missing 2 players. After talking to our players we decided that we will be pursuing getting players from our rival organization SkitLite as they have had similar problems to qualify to World Championships.


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